Hi, I’m Steve Randy Tantra and I build software.

I started as a programmer, but soon I realized that to build modern software, knowing how to code is not enough. There are three main parts in building modern software. Programming only creates the first part, function. Design creates the second part, style. The last and most important part is structure. To truly understand structure requires understanding in problem and understanding in solution through programming and design.

I work at Spuul, where I design multi-platform online video service. During my first year, I initiated a major redesign for the website. I was lucky to have the opportunity to then design and develop it. The website now is also a living blueprint for other platforms.

I like to experiment with new technology and design idea. For the most part, it helps me with self-learning. I first learned Ruby and Rails, when I built Frame. I learned CoffeeScript and Backbone.js, when I built Linobank. Recently I learned Node.js, when I built Skimpage.